How to reach Udine


There are four main airports nearby:

  1. Venezia (Marco Polo airport) 120 km/75 miles  from Udine
  2. Trieste (Ronchi dei Legionari airport) 40 km/25 miles from Udine
  3. Treviso (Antonio Canova airport) 120 km/75 miles from Udine
  4. Ljubljana 170 km/105 miles


Venice airport

A) The best international connections are through Venice airport “Marco Polo” (IATA code VCE). 

A transfer from Venice Airport to Udine will be provided Sunday Sept. 24th at 2:30 PM. The bus will leave from the bust station of the Airport of Venice (when you exit the airport turn right and walk 200 m). The same bus will also pick-up participants from Venice Tronchetto  at 2 PM (you can reach Tronchetto taking the People Mover from Piazzale Roma). The bus is free of charge for the participants of the congress.

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From this airport you may reach Udine by train using the close railway station of Mestre. Mestre railway station is connected by bus to the Marco Polo airport (ask for the bus to Mestre, not to Venezia - piazzale Roma). There are two bus services:

1. ATVO Fly Bus ( runs daily, every 20 minutes approximately. Journey time is 20 minutes. Tickets may be purchased inside the arrival hall at the ATVO box, € 8,00 luggage included.
2. ACTV (town transport service, bus number 15 – orange): runs daily, every 30 minutes. Journey time is 25-30 minutes approximately. Tickets: inside the arrivals hall, € 8,00 luggage included.
Both ACTV and ATVO lines also provide bus service to Venezia (piazzale Roma).
From Mestre railway station there are several trains to Udine, on the line Venezia-Vienna. Trains run almost every hour. Some require supplements or seat reservation. The journey takes about 2 hours. Basic fare is 12€.

TAXI: The cost to reach Mestre railways station is 35€. The cost to reach directly Udine by taxi should probably be close to 200 € – in this case it is strongly recommended that you negotiate a fixed price with the driver beforehand.

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Trieste airport

B) The nearest airport to Udine is at Ronchi dei Legionari also known as Trieste airport (IATA code TRS).
Routing is mainly through Roma and Munich (Germany).
From this airport there is a bus service to/from Udine run by APT Gorizia (line number 51, ticket about 5€). Schedules are available at APT Gorizia and are usually in connection with the flight ( Arrival in Udine is at the central bus station, in front of the railway station. Journey time is approximately 45 minutes. Tickets can be purchased at the airport in the arrivals hall, with an automatic machine for self-ticketing and at Tourist Information Counter (Turismo FVG). Leaving Udine, tickets can be found at the bus station.

TAXI: The cost should probably be close to 70 Euros.

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Treviso airport

C) Treviso airport (IATA code TSF) is about 30 km from Venice and 3 km from the Treviso Railway Station. Public bus service (number 6) operates every 30 minutes from/to Treviso railway station, ticket €1,30. The journey takes about 15-20 minutes. From the railway station you may catch a train to Udine (a train every hour, joureney time 1 hour 20 min, ticket €11).
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Ljubljana Airport

D) Ljubljana Airport (IATA cod LJU) does not have a direct public transportation to Udine. Only renting a car o by


Udine is on the line Venice-Wien. Trains run almost every hour. The journey from Venice takes about 2 hours.
Some trains require supplements or seat reservation. For train connections:


There is direct connection with Villach Railways Station and Klagenfurt in Austria